Scofen Music Contest

Why are we doing this?

Scofen is a platform for everything review/feedback. We are dedicated to providing our users the best tools for review/feedback purposes. The core concept of Scofen is a multi-criteria (features) rating system where the audience votes on each feature of the object on a scale from 1 to 10.

As aspiring musicians, feedback is essential for our endeavors regardless of genre. We all have to try different approaches before we find our paths. However, it is painful to the audience if feedback is asked using traditional methods, resulting in the difficulty in receiving feedback.

The Scofen Approach

The Scofen approach is a better solution to the said point based on the following reasons:

  1. Giving feedback to our work by ratings requires significantly less time and effort than talking and typing;
  2. By using a numerical system, people don’t need to worry about hurting our feelings since objective opinions are given;
  3. We decide the criteria (features) for our work, making it easier to acquire useful and structured information from our audience;
  4. Words that don’t carry much information and reflect only personal tastes such as boring, uninspired and horrible can be avoided;
  5. All the ratings and comments are kept on one feedback page which is much more organized than having our feedback all over the map.

To demonstrate the advantages of the Scofen approach and provide something fun on the side for fellow musicians while seeking feedback, we are hosting the Scofen Music Contest:

Scofen Music Contest Rules

  1. There are no limits to the age and location;
  2. By creating a feedback page (channel) for your work, you will enter the contest automatically. Adjudicators will rate it within a few days;
  3. Each channel page can only be counted as one entry. Please create a channel for each song you would like to enter the contest with.
  4. Please do not rate your own entry. Entries will be disqualified if rated by their owner.
  5. Those entries that have a final score that’s higher than 7.0 will will proceed further and have a position on the website at which their works are displayed to everyone.
  6. Once the entries are publicly displayed, fans and fellow musicians will be able to rate them, and the entries will move up/down as their total scores change.
  7. There is no ending date for the contest.