Scofen Only Music Contest

Scofen is a platform for everything review/feedback. We are dedicated to providing our users the best tools for review/feedback purposes. To help musicians gain valuable feedback, music lovers find undiscovered good music, we are hosting this Scofen Only Music Contest.

Contest Rules

  1. There are no limits to age and location;
  2. There is no ending date for the contest.
  3. To enter, please follow these steps:
    1. Click on the Earn a ticket to enter the contest here button above and sign up for an ifOnly account to earn a ticket to enter.
    2. After signing up for an ifOnly account, come back to Scofen, and click on the Create new channel button/link, enter the name and upload an image (optional) for the new channel, then click on the Create button to finalize.
    3. On the newly created channel page, click on the +add product button. Enter the name of your entry, upload an image (optional) and copy/paste the link to your music into the Play link box. Once you are done, click on the Save changes button to finalize.
  4. Adjudicators will rate your validated entries within a few days to reach a final decision;
  5. Those entries that have a final score that’s higher than 7.0 will proceed further and win a bronze, silver or gold position on the website in which they are displayed to everyone.