Scofen Music Contest

Scofen is a self-serve market research platform for musicians. We are dedicated to providing musicians the best tools to achieve product/market fit for their music. To introduce our unique approach while helping musicians gain valuable feedback and music lovers find undiscovered good music, we are hosting this Scofen Music Contest.

Contest Rules

  1. There are no limits to the age and location;
  2. There is no ending date for the contest.
  3. To enter, please follow these steps:
    1. Sign up for an Scofen account, and click on the Create new channel button/link and enter the name and upload an image (optional) for the new channel then click on the Create button to finalize
    2. On the newly created channel page, clickon the +add product button. Enter the name of your entry with the format of SMC –your song title–genre, upload an image (optional) and copy/paste the link to your music into the play link box.
  4. Go to the Contest Entries page by clicking on the button above, and rate at least THREE entries of others’ for one entry of yours. Your entries will be VOIDED if you don’t rate enough entries.
  5. Rate your entries with all 10s (this brings your entry to the top so others can see and rate it).
  6. Those entries that have a final score that’s higher than 7.0 will earn a bronze, silver or gold position on the website, enabling their works to be displayed to everyone.