A self-serve market research platform for musicians
Musicians are entrepreneurs by nature; their music is their product. Our mission at Scofen is to help musicians achieve product/market fit for their music with its unique approach that is
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
To get a better idea of what we do, please enter a free music contest hosted by us

How It Works

Musicians step1

1. Set up the rating criteria and question­naires for your song.

Musicians step2

2. Choose panelists by demographics and music background.

Musicians step3

3. Receive a detailed report and analysis of panelists’ responses.

Panelists step1

1. Apply and provide the required information.

Panelists step2

2. Rate and answer the research delivered to you by the system.

Panelists step3

3. You help a musician, your voice is heard, and you earn money.